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Tame Your High-Tech Headaches with Furniture – Part 2

With the winter weather we’ve had throughout the country in the last month, most of us have spent a lot more time indoors. That has made me more aware than ever that electronics, video games, DVDs and other high tech toys can take over our home if we’re not careful.  That’s why we need to turn to home entertainment center furniture for clever display and storage solutions.
Continuing from my most recent blog on taming high-tech headaches, here are some other ideas for fun but organized home entertainment.

Menlo Park Entertainment Console and Piers

Look up!

Some of the best advice for adding storage solutions is to look UP! Vertical space is often under-utilized in the home, and a home theater wall unit is one of the best ways to use it. Buy furniture that makes full use of the height in your room — for example, an entertainment center with a bridge and audio piers over the TV for storing DVDs, CDs and games, or a full-scale wall system that has lots of levels for storage space.

If you don’t want one large piece of furniture, consider installing shelves above and/or around the TV to display and organize your stuff. Think of other hard-to-reach areas in the room, such as above tables or sofas — open shelves here may be the perfect place to display the things that you only want to access occasionally. You might also frame your TV stand or entertainment armoire with tall bookcases, which give you more flexibility in changing the room around than one large piece of furniture.

Combat cord clutter!

Acquiring new electronics and getting rid of old ones are a nightmare if your cords are a jumbled mess behind the TV. Fold mailing labels back on themselves around each cord and label the wire. Don’t forget to label the cords that connect different components to each other, as well as the cord to the electric supply. Then bundle like wires together to cut down on cord clutter.

Now is a perfect time to shop for a media storage solution. Now until January 31, Hooker Furniture is running its twice-annual National Factory Authorized Home Entertainment Furniture Sale, happening at authorized Hooker Furniture  dealers in your area.

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