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Desk & Decor – The Two-Piece Suit

The two-piece suit…ideal for small home office furniture!

It there’s no empty room waiting to be transformed into a full-fledged home office in your house, take heart. You don’t need to renovate, relocate or rent space to get your work done (or get organized). It’s never been easier, in fact, to carve out a great workspace… thanks to two trends: the streamlining of our technical gadgets and clever new small home office furniture set-ups.

Felton Home Office

A two-piece small corner computer desk is one of those clever set-ups. It connects a simple writing desk with a storage cabinet, creating an L-shaped home office furniture desk that can be placed anywhere. The simple geometric shape of the Felton workstation by Hooker Furniture  is inspired by the efficient work cubicle found in offices across the world, where there’s no room for small space to inhibit productivity. It keeps everything close at hand… within a single swivel of an office chair.

The first piece, a simple leg desk feels spacious and looks compact. With no storage drawers below the desk, space is available to move your chair freely and stretch out your legs, or to store a waste paper basket below. With no storage shelves above the desk, it can be placed against a window wall (to keep an eye on the kids outside, or the view!), against a bare wall (to hang a bulletin board or favorite photos above), or in the middle of the room (to create a work area with another chair on the other side). There’s also more open space to place a lamp, and more overhead light reaches the working surface.

The second piece, an efficient computer credenza placed to the right or left side of the writing desk creates the coveted L-shape. It also stores all office supplies (from papers and files to books and printers!) to the side of, rather than directly on the work surface.  A well-planned storage cabinet keeps everything within easy reach, hides away cords and equipment, and keeps the work area clear, spacious and attractive. For even greater efficiency, use the compact Smart Hutch on top of the computer credenza. This dynamo features 3 electrical outlets & a live USB port, along with an organizer and airy glass shelf.

A two-piece, L-shaped work station is ideal for a small room. But it also works well in the corner of a family room or living room. And if needs change in the future, the pieces can also be separated: the computer desk placed in a bedroom or behind a sofa, the storage cabinet used as a credenza in a hallway or dining room.

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