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The Case for Bookcases

Part II: How to Make Your Home Better without Renovating

If you are tempted to build in bookcase storage, think about selecting furniture instead. Bookcases effortlessly express a design flavor as statement pieces. Serving as a stylish and functional focal point, bookcases make you an instant renovator.

Most importantly, they are moveable. When you add a room, or even change homes, your bookcases take up new residence with very little effort. And if you are thinking of dollars and cents, you’ll be surprised at the lower cost of freestanding bookcase units versus built-ins of comparable quality.

Here are five different styles of bookcase furniture that make a dramatic decorating statement while serving well to keep volumes of things in good order. You can choose from grand European to Western or metropolitan, among others.

Add a sense of grand style with bookcases

  • Wynterhall’s English country bookcase:  Four plain walls can be transformed instantly when you install this grand piece. Even if you live in the suburbs, you can have the look of finely tooled columns, a majestic 57 inches high. If you are redecorating, a piece like this can be your inspiration for the entire room, if not your entire home. Or, take a contrary road and use this as a formal statement piece and create a more contemporary landscape around it. Of course, the delight in working this way is that the piece can have many lives in many different settings.

Glass doors offer polished look

  • Sanctuary’s bookcase with doors: With the option to use the Sanctuary bookcase as a one-level or two-level bookcase, this piece gives you maximum flexibility as well as great looks. Renovations often look skyward to give a home more room–and so does this smart maneuver. Style-wise, this bookcase is transitional, fitting into a wide variety of decorating choices. Books and collectibles are viewed through large glass doors with a crisscross motif. Not a focal point as much as a comfortable choice to fit in almost anywhere you need storage; handsome as well as useful.

Telluride bookcase gives western vibe

  • Telluride’s bookcase hutch: Seeking to create a home with the feeling that tall pines and mountain trails wait just outside the door? The best of the West is what this bookcase offers. This piece well illustrates how you can express your personal style and incorporate it in your home. Telluride has a black finish with a red rub and carved leather panels, giving it a handsome, strong look with the muscle to store lots of materials. The ideal choice for a home office or anywhere you want a strong statement.

Ludlow bookcases give architectural flavor

  • Ludlow metropolitan bunching bookcases: Use one or a series to give a room an arts and crafts flavor.  The fretwork on the glass doors makes these an architectural focal point in a room while serving as an ideal storage for books and precious collectibles. Walnut veneer takes them back in time, while their simple lines keep them in mode. These units are very flexible–which is what one is looking for in storage options for today’s homes when lifestyle changes require rethinking of how we use our furniture to meet our needs.

Versatile bookcase can play many roles

  • Decorative two-drawer bookcase: You may want to brighten a small spot or increase the workload in your foyer or entry hall. This attractive low bookcase can fit in just about anywhere, but it is no plain Jane. The handsome detailing on the drawers is the keynote of its great style. Use this option for a place where you need that something extra that also can function to hold books and other storage items.

Summary: Whatever bookcase you choose to solve your storage needs, you can also add to the beauty of your home by making the furnishings express how you want your home to look and feel. It’s a great way to combine function and fashion!

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