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Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Fall

With cooler temperatures upon us, we know it won’t be long before the crisp fall breeze will give way to a blustery winter wind.  (I know – I’m not ready for it, either!)  Before that happens, you still have plenty of time to create a cozy reading nook to enjoy during the coldest months of the year – and beyond.

Just about any empty space in your home could make a comforting and beckoning space for reading on a cool evening or lazy afternoon.  A small corner in the living room, family room, bedroom or den could be transformed into a comfortable place to curl up with a book.  Even a small space next to your fireplace or in the corner of your kitchen could work beautifully.

Sam Moore’s Claremont chair

Once you’ve chosen a space, you need the perfect furniture.  A comfy chair like the Claremont from Sam Moore would  fit the bill.

Choose a chair that fits not only the space available, but also one that fits you. Even the most gorgeous chair will never be used if it isn’t comfortable.

A coordinating ottoman or cube adds an accent and a comfortable way to kick back at the end of a long day and put your tired feet up. How cute is the Toulon ottoman?

Toulon ottoman

A stylish and soft cube like the Becca not only gives your feet a rest or provides a place for magazines or a throw; it is also versatile enough to provide extra seating space when entertaining.

Becca cube

Perhaps the ultimate upholstery for curling up and reading (and falling asleep if you’re lucky) is a chaise lounge. If your space is a little larger, a chaise lounge like Chloe from Sam Moore is a good choice. This gorgeous chaise gives you plenty of room to stretch your legs and relax.

Chloe chaise lounge

Smaller spaces could benefit from a chic reclining chair like Annick.  No longer are recliners bulky and ugly; the options from Sam Moore prove that comfort can also be beautiful.

Annick reclining chair

Add a small table like the Coralie to offer a place to stash your favorite novel.

Coralie side table

Or, if your taste and living space is more on the contemporary side, a small table with a modern vibe like the Lorelei with its shapely legs and textured top simulating an embroidered pattern, would be perfect for holding your phone, hot tea and snack during your afternoon read-in.

Lorelei side table

Every reading nook needs plenty of light, so be sure to bring a stylish lamp into the space.  Choose one at a height that will bring the light over your shoulder without casting shadows on your book or creating glare on your page.  The proper height and size will vary with the size of your side table as well as your own height; your reading nook can be tailored just for you.

Toss in a cozy throw, a great book and a hot cup of tea – or a glass of wine – and you have the perfect retreat from the cool autumn wind.  You may never want to leave.

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