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Come Alive with Colorful New Beginnings this Easter

easter wreath

Do you feel you’re finally beginning to see signs of new life?  By now, maybe you’ve witnessed a bud of green, popping from a tree, or some bulbs finally forcing a flower between blades of grass.  Spring has arrived and soon there will be a bursting of color!  There is inspiration to be captured, everywhere.

As I prepared to pen this article, I was recently introduced to the talents of an artist from Winston-Salem, N.C., Mollie Britton, of Mollie Britton Designs.  You see, Mollie creates exquisite, custom wreaths, and her use of colorful, collected glass and treasures made me do a double-take!  The first impression is definitely a ‘Wow,’ and if you look more closely at the pieces she’s brought together, you’ll realize a great deal of detail and thought goes into each assembly.

Mollie Britton Egg Close-Up

I had the good fortune to chat with Mollie about how she began her business.  (As a creative entrepreneur, I’m always interested in those backstories.)  She shared that she was in a transitional phase in her life as she was preparing to become an empty nester. She was looking for something that would feed both her artistic passion and her soul.  Being a person of faith, Mollie also shared that she prayed about what to do next.  As she began to create these wreaths for gifts, she found people were interested in placing orders and thus, her business was born.  Mollie also loves to travel and she acquires a lot of her more unique wreath items as she’s journeying to places far away.  She’s even shipped some of her work overseas.

Mollie Britton Wreath Process

Mollie kindly provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her process in creating a wreath for the Easter and spring season.  I can’t even imagine how many layers of ornaments and trinkets it took to bring this to completion.  If you enlarge the pictures, you’ll see hand-painted, hand-blown glass eggs nested amongst the glass balls, ducks, and rabbits.  Eggs are very symbolic, for many faiths and cultures, as an indication of new life and rebirth.

Look closely at the details of these enameled or Cloisonne eggs.  You’ll see a reference in a fabric pattern, featured below.

Look closely at the details of these enameled or Cloisonne eggs. You’ll see a reference in a fabric pattern, featured below.

I thought about Mollie’s story and how it resonated with me, in regards to the different seasons of life through which we all pass.  After what seems to have been one of the longest winters, we’re on the cusp of a time where the earth awakens.  For some of us, we may get to enjoy the fruits of our labor as bulbs and plants begin to resurface.  Our expectations will be met with prolific blooms.  In other instances, the cold reached deeper than we thought and some plantings may not be so viable and we’ll be pruning back to allow for something new, something fresh.  I often think of spring as another “New Year” – a symbolic celebration of good things to come.

A collective collage of color from Mollie Britton Designs and Sam Moore Upholstery.

A collective collage of color from Mollie Britton Designs and Sam Moore Upholstery.

In speaking of celebrations . . . The biannual event we call the High Point Furniture Market just occurred last week!  It’s the largest home furnishing’s market in the world and where I, among many other interior designers and retailers, were be able to capture a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the newest designs and freshest looks.  The showrooms were not only filled with product, there were some pretty creative displays as well as an abundance of beautiful, fresh florals and greenery.  I couldn’t wait to absorb it all and I’ve shared some of my findings on my Pinterest board.

I was fortunate enough to receive some images of new introductions from Hooker Furniture Corporation and Sam Moore – a division of HFC.  Oh, happy, colorful days are here again!

Lark Chair Setting

I think the Lark Chair, in the new Zen Garden fabric, will create a buzz of excitement.  A little fusion of Asian-inspired pattern meets artisan-like design.  It could have been inspired by a beautiful, stained-glass window, too.

Nina Bombe Setting

The Nina Bombé Chest, from the Mélange Collection, is one of two chests inspired by guitar finishes.  I couldn’t wait to get a closer look at it!  I can see the curves of the instrument in the design, can’t you?


These Semblance home entertainment centers and accent furniture pieces are croc-patterned, in Robus leather with multiple-hued options.  It just goes to show you don’t have to put all of your eggs in the same color story basket.

Here’s wishing you a bright and beautiful season and a blessed Easter weekend upcoming. Keep following the Hooker Furniture Corporation Facebook Page as we share more, inspired design news!

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