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Express Authenticity with Writing Desks


Authenticity is the inevitable result of personal interactions and low-tech experiences. The furnishings we choose and the surroundings we create are all part of the equation. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with the personal side of things. The hand-written note composed at a writing desk, the leisurely after-dinner conversation around the dining room table, and even the hour-long telephone call catching up with a distant relative—have all been replaced with the efficiency of technology. And yet it’s personal interactions like these that give life depth and authenticity.


Everything we wear and choose to surround ourselves with tells a story–so why not tell an authentic one? Photo: juneletters.com

Writing desks are a type of furniture that offer the best of both high-touch and high-tech. On the softer, gentler side, today’s stylish, welcoming writing desks are a perfect spot for a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine while journaling or composing a hand-written note or card.


Like most writing desks, the Sanctuary leg desk, with its European cottage and farmhouse vibe, fits in all kinds of spaces. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

However, many desks by Hooker Furniture also feature wire-management features, electrical outlets and charging stations. That way, you can use both your pen for low-tech connections and your keyboard for high-tech connections.

Whichever kind of connections you prefer, or whether you like both, now’s the time to give your office an authentic touch. Why? Because from August 26-September 6, our stylish writing desks are on sale at Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers as part of our Labor Day Home Office promotion.


The Pallisade writing desk has a soft modern style that captures big city excitement and adds drama to small spaces. Photo: Hooker Furniture

With “authenticity” leading the list of today’s buzzwords, it’s no surprise that personalization is also at an all-time high right now. From monogrammed handbags to custom phone covers to throw blankets featuring our children’s photo on them, retailers have made it easy and affordable to personalize nearly everything. The polar opposite of mass-produced goods, these style choices help us tell our unique story.


While traditional by nature, the monogrammed look continues to thrive in home decor and is successfully being interpreted for modern and contemporary applications. Photo: lonny.com

Interior design is heading in this direction as well. We can now select the arm style, skirt, wood finish and fabric of a new sofa and choose from a variety of mixable finishes and materials to create our own perfect bedroom or dining room combination. The result is that our homes, and the furnishings we surround ourselves with, also communicate our perspective and life journey.

Sofia desk

Today’s home office furnishings convey old-world charm while accommodating the latest technology with features such as thoughtful storage, cord management and drop-front keyboard trays. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

When it comes to personal connection and low-tech experiences, I love snail mail. Call me “old-school,” but I love to get cards in the mail—especially if it’s on someone’s personal stationery. It certainly takes more time to write and address a card than it does an email—and time has meaning. While this mode of communication is increasingly obsolete, I still enjoy sending personal notes to thank someone or let them know I’m thinking of them.


While I change stationery every couple of years, here’s a look at two of my recent personal notecards.


This is the design I’m eyeing for my next stationery order. Photo: minted.com.


And for those newlyweds out there who will soon be writing hand-written thank you cards, this design is the ultimate. Photo: minted.com


While social media is overflowing with inspirational quotes, I love this one for its simplicity. Photo: jegeorge.com

Every experience has the potential to add authenticity to our lives. Which ones do you find most significant?

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