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Welcome Cyber Shopping Season at Your Desk

The Sanctuary Leg Desk helps you to find your own serene space for some serious Cyber Monday shopping. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

What began as a savvy marketing tool–Cyber Monday — now gives families a delightful excuse to take one more day off after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Cozy up with coffee, and hit the ground (keyboard, actually) running by tackling your holiday shopping list from the comfort of home, relaxing in your family room at a beautiful and functional desk.

The Auberose writing desk offers European Country style infused with Old World charm but brimming with modern computer-compatible conveniences. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The holidays are that time of year when we’re all focused on home–decorating it, getting there and staying as long as possible. Nothing speaks “home” like family gathered in the kitchen, den or living room. It doesn’t matter what space your family settles in most often, for this is the season for seeking out as much quality time as you can. 

Adding a stylish, keyboard-compatible home office writing desk with wire management to your gathering room will make it easy to shop your favorite online retailers and happily extend your long holiday weekend with family.

Evoking the feel of a well-traveled diary, the Archivist Writing Desk boasts both European and American style. Photo: Hooker Furniture

 Once the New Year arrives, picture yourself sorting mail at this graceful Archivist Writing Desk, sure to even lessen the pain of post-holiday bill paying!

Distinctive style at its finest, the Melange Liam Writing Desk is an artful blend of sharp colors and textures. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The Places You’ll Go

Your Cyber Monday “travels” may lead you to toy land, the great outdoors, or a stylish boutique, but nestled behind this beautiful Melange Liam Desk, you’ll be within conversation-distance of your teenagers, who–if you listen closely–might spill another item or two for their wish-list. Don’t forget, some major retailers offer online-only deals, so do your cyber homework!

An organic look, inspired by the scenic beauty of the Pacific Coast, the Big Sur Writing Desk is a comfortable choice, sure to become a classic. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Timing is Everything

Prefer to be alone with your thoughts – or at least your favorite online shopping cart? Some retailers begin their Cyber Monday offerings literally at 12:01 am – some prefer to stagger their not-to-be-missed deals to make them more available to shoppers with tighter work schedules that Monday.

Style You Deserve

Keep up with the comings and goings around your home during the holidays, while making a shopping list (checked more than twice!), and perhaps ordering a favorite indulgence for yourself, like this Mirrored Writing Desk.

The Mirrored Writing Desk features a stunning antique mirror design and drop-front for easy, relaxed keyboard use. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Add a few stems of your favorite flower to this romantic home office furniture, and with your shopping complete, use that hidden away monogrammed stationery to send an unexpected note to a friend. Note to self: handwritten notes never, ever go out of style.

And a writing desk is the perfect place to address and sign your Christmas cards!

Elevate Christmas card making and addressing to a relaxing art at a writing desk. Photo: southernliving.com

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