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How to Bring the Spirit of Blue Hawaii Home

The Melange Turquoise Crackle Chest channels the spirit of Aloha and blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii Spirit

When it comes to tropical vacations and inspiring locales, it’s hard to top Hawaii. America’s 50th state offers bountiful inspiration for decorating and creating a restorative lifestyle. Here’s how to bring the spirit of Hawaii to your home.

Reflecting the softest shades of island twilight, the exquisite Lia Drawer Chest can be dressed up or down.

Maybe it’s the aqua coastline, the famous Elvis movie or the even more famous cocktail, but the term Blue Hawaii makes perfect sense. No matter which island you visit, you can expect turquoise waters stretching to meet an even-bluer sky.

From aqua to indigo, blue is an easy color to use in decorating and is firmly on-trend. The Spectrum Chest goes brilliant with sapphire blue.

Bradington-Young’s Pierce Sofa captures the beauty of ocean-inspired hues yet is neutral enough to complement a gray or beige-based room color palette. And its sumptuous leather cover is durable enough to withstand active lifestyles.

As you create your living spaces, consider incorporating the spirit of Aloha.

While the word “Aloha” is best-known for meaning hello and goodbye, it’s also the word for love and peace. Native Hawaiians will tell you that “Aloha” represents a unique concept for which there is no equivalent word in the English language. It’s a way of life best described as: being patient and kind, in unity and harmony with your real self, kind to all life forms, and humble.

Add a little beach inspiration to your space with the fresh finishes of our Sunset Point Collection. Dining chairs with a hint of island blue add a laid-back vibe that you’ll never tire of.

For most of us, island living is only experienced on vacation, yet it’s a feeling that lasts far longer. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration to update your home décor, go beyond clichéd floral prints and leaf patterns and choose furnishings that capture the essential beauty of tropical destinations such as Hawaii. As you surround yourself with meaningful furniture and décor, you’ll be on your way to capturing the spirit of Aloha.



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