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5 Things Every Serene Room Does For You

Sure, a day at the spa ranks high on the serenity scale. But if you need serenity in your life on a daily basis, your home is your best ally. Use this checklist of 5 serene haven benefits to measure how relaxed and rejuvenated each room in your home feels.

A perfectly serene room will help you do all 5 of these!

Serene Spaces: Soft Chairs, Sparkling Finishes

1. Get Comfortable

Cocooning in comfort isn’t just for living rooms anymore! Getting comfortable at home means finding plenty of places to kick off our shoes and settle in. Upholstered chairs around a dinner table invite us to linger for hours, This was the idea when Hooker developed its Sanctuary collection, pairing soft chair selections with the dining tables. Slightly weathered or worn furniture finishes, also a hallmark of Sanctuary, inspire a feeling of calm. An organic color scheme has the same effect.

2. Lighten Up

Natural daylight rejuvenates and heals. Sheer or translucent curtains diffuse daylight rather than blocking it. Light or white walls recreate daylight, while mirrors and mirrored finishes double the amount of natural light in a room… especially when placed next to windows and chandeliers!

3. See things in a new way

A change is as good as a rest, even at home. A picture that’s leaned against the wall, rather than hung, feels casual… a mix of wood finishes in the same room helps us relax… mismatched chairs around the dinner table adds a unique character to the room… a bar cabinet or chair in the bedroom feels fresh and unexpected.

4. Embrace the imperfect

A perfect home no longer needs perfectly matched, new or polished furniture Time-worn finishes, uneven weaves, natural textures and unmatched accent pieces make us more relaxed, connect us to nature and invite us to experiment without regret!

5. Reach out and touch something

Think how good it feels to walk barefoot in the sand. Creating similar sensory experiences inside our home means choosing textures that beg us to touch them… and feel good when we do. A wooly rug next to the bed, a hand-scraped or waxed wood dining tables, carved bed posts or nubby fabrics keep us in touch, literally, with the world around us.

A serene home is a haven… where the cares of the world take a back seat, at least for a little while. Let us know if any of these ideas help you create a serene room!

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  • Kim September 23, 2010, 2:20 am

    Loreen, thanks for all the great ideas, especially Embrace the Imperfect!

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