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Make Your Home Into Your Own Serene Haven

We’ve become a nation of busy bodies. As nine to five become 24/7, our homes are fast becoming one of the few places we can disconnect from a hectic world.

So how can you create a sanctuary, or serene haven, in your own home? Start by taking a look at your home in a new way.

First, look for ways to relax or unwind in comfortable, unexpected places. The living room is the most obvious place to unwind, but a serene home includes places to be comfortable in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even front entries!

Find unexpected places to add a comfortable chair or settee for reading or napping… or a writing desk with a comfortable, slip-covered or seat-padded chair for working. Add dimmer switches in bathrooms, bedrooms or hallways, rather than just dining rooms, for ambiance at night. Watch how the sun moves around your home during the day and move yourself and your activities along with it. (Cats, by the way, have this completely figured out… and could there be a more serene creature?).

Second, look for ways to re-energize in open, well-lit places. A serene home balances intimate, private spaces with head-clearing open spaces infused with natural light. Daylight heals and rejuvenates our bodies; in fact, people who don’t get enough daylight or sunshine tend to lack energy and suffer depression more than those that do.

Create a more open, light-filled home by reducing walls and letting light filter deeply into your home. Remember that natural daylight is pure white… and the more closely we simulate its properties, the more energized we feel. Skylights and large windows are the ideal way to do that, but light paint colors, light furniture finishes and mirrors that reflect light can also have a powerful physical effect on us. There’s a reason why top spa resorts use plenty of light and light-reflective colors… they create a perfectly serene atmosphere!

I hope these blogs on creating your own serene haven have given you some ideas about creating spaces that exude peace and refreshment and delight. Leave a comment and let us know if you’ve picked up an idea for serene spaces in your home.

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