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Kitchens Provide Entertainment Experience

Often referred to as the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is the hub of everyday activity, and increasingly the place where we entertain on special occasions. Since this is the prime season for special occasions like graduation and wedding parties, is your kitchen ready to receive guests?

Let’s look at how to reinvent your space from functional to fabulous!

In some of today’s finest eateries, the kitchens have been deliberately designed to be revealed to the dining area.  It brings to the patrons a richer entertainment experience.  They can see signature dshes being prepared and perhaps even interact with the chefs.

Waverly Place Chairs by Hooker Furniture – Interior Design by Wanda S. Horton – Photography by Whitney Gray

In our own homes, the idea of entertaining in the kitchen can sometimes be overlooked.  Fortunately, with the wide choices of hidden appliances and furniture-style cabinets, this utilitarian room can evolve into being the star host.  Wouldn’t it be worth investing in some beautiful and functional furniture pieces to really make it shine?

Read along as I share how you can create a well-appointed hub for cooking and entertainment.

An important consideration, in an open kitchen concept, is in the selection of the dining tables and chairs.  If the space is more open, using chairs with some height – including an upholstered back, will not only visually anchor the area, they will provide more comfort for guests and will encourage them to linger for conversation.  I used Hooker Furniture’s Waverly Place Chairs, for a client’s project, as they offered a casually elegant way to gather guests around while the family chef prepares the “specialty of the house”!  We had the fabric on the chairs treated so there’s no worry about clean-up.

If you do have the space to bring in a table, examine the surroundings and view it as a “real” dining area.  Consider including a low maintenance area rug for acoustics and to protect the flooring.  Adding fabric window panels can actually create the illusion of height, as they take your eyes up and away from the horizontal table surfaces.   Good lighting makes food and people look great!  It’s not very costly to add a dimmer to overhead cans, in order to lower any glare for added ambience. Remove the kid’s projects and bring out the candles for a romantic glow!

If you have impromptu visitors, setting the table can be as simple as bringing in some fresh cut herbs or flowers from your spring garden.  If you are lacking in the green thumb department, a glass bowl of citrus fruits or even a collection of interesting objects will make for the perfect centerpiece.  Place settings can be a mix of complementary designs, as long as a couple of the elements, such as chargers or stemware, are the same for consistency.  The idea is to not only enjoy your surroundings, but the people who are gracing them, too!

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