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How to Vacation at Home

Living a relatively short distance from some of the most beautiful shorelines in the U.S. comes with the advantage of sources for constant design inspiration.  One of my favorite nearby destinations is Kiawah Island, S.C.  The beaches are never overly crowded and the close proximity to historic Charleston offers a bonus side trip.  When my husband and I drive over the little bridge to the island I can feel the layers of the world peel away.  It would be so wonderful to capture that moment in a bottle!

Sanctuary Dune & Beach Cocktail Table

While recently viewing some of the beautiful pieces in Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection , I became whisked back to those moments in time, after spying their Dune and Beach table.  The finishing reminds me of the drifts of sand and the sea oats swaying in the Kiawah breezes.  Even the base and legs were reminiscent of the ironwork I have always admired as I’ve peeked through scrolled gates into lovely Charleston gardens.  It’s a perfect blend of grace and weathered elements, just like my favorite escape!

When I begin the process of a design project, I’ll often ask my client to share some of their favorite vacation destinations and memories in order to capture some of those elements within their homes.  It’s not really necessary for them to have collected specific items, but rather that we consider how to incorporate a shape, a texture, or a reference back into their interiors, that can transport them to an experience or a special moment.  Their home becomes a bit more of an escape . . . a mental vacation, as it were.

Create a vacation memory board like the one here as your inspiration. Be sure to collect lots of great photos and mementos, while being in the midst of summertime breaks.  They’ll be sure to come in handy for future reference and for extending that vacation glow! Happy travels!

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