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7 Closet Mistakes to Avoid

Organize your closet, organize your life

As we welcome 2012, chances are some of our New Year’s resolutions involve being more organized. Even though our closets are “hidden” from the view of most, it’s amazing how having a more organized closet can lead to better organization all around, and help you enjoy your home and life more.

When every item in our closet is easy to find (and even easier to put away), there won’t be any clothing left to drape over the treadmill: the true sign of a well-functioning closet!

Four Drawer Shaped Front Chest

Sadly, many closets don’t make it easy to get organized. Here are the number one culprits, the obstacles between you and a more organized wardrobe. The good news?  Most of these top 7 closet mistakes are fairly easy to fix…

1.  Too much stuff. A cramped closet is just plain frustrating. Store just the clothes you wear regularly in your closet; it opens up space for many more clever closet organization ideas.

2. Wasted space. Hanging short and long clothes together wastes the space below the short items. Group items together that are similar in height; then place a second rod below them… or a handy and attractive three or four-drawer chest like this one from the Hooker Furniture accent furniture line.

3. All hanging storage. Shelves, drawers or pull-out bins are as important as rods for our casual lifestyle and wardrobe.

4. Wire hangers. There’s a reason drycleaners give them away for free… and clothing stores avoid them like the plague. Wire hangers bend, can’t hold much weight and leave marks on clothing. Use good quality wood or acrylic hangers instead.

5. Sliding closet doors. A closet will never be efficient if only half of its stored clothing can be seen at one time. Replace sliding doors with hinged doors or even curtains.

6. Shelves without dividers. The long shelf above most closet rods invites messy piles of clothing or handbags that tangle or topple over. Use clip-on shelf dividers or add a row of bins or boxes to create order.

7. No floor strategy. Anything stored on the floor is likely to get walked on, tangled or damaged by the vacuum cleaner! Plus, it tends to looks messy even after you clean! Add floor cabinets, shoe cubbies or pull-out bins to create order and keep pairs together.

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  • Mark Wilson January 13, 2012, 5:26 am

    visit frequently. I love to hear what people are looking for and the moder closet styles

  • David Rodriguez January 25, 2012, 4:55 pm

    I bought a chest that looks just like the Four Drawer Shaped Front Chest pictured here and it looks so great in our living room. What a beautiful piece of furniture! If your ever in Chicago, check out Nest Furniture (thefurniturenest.com / 2707 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614) which is where I bought the piece.

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