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Green Morphs from Earthy to Fresh to Vibrant

Looking for a versatile color for your next home decorating project?  Give green a second look!

Green is a color with so many personalities.  From earthy, neutral olive green to bright, fresh lime green, you can find a green to fit any decor.

Although green is not necessarily considered a neutral color, I have used it as a neutral in many rooms.  Choosing an earthy green with brown or gray undertones gives you the option of pairing it with nearly any accent color.  Red, orange, plum, gold, robin’s egg blue – they all work beautifully with green’s neutral side.

A perfect example is seen in this garden green living room from the House Beautiful Decorating with Green website.


Or what do you think of this restful sage green for a bedroom?


Green can also be a great contrasting color. The green and white color combination has a light and airy impact that really pops, as seen in the green and white chairs in this happy kitchen.


The green and white combination also defines this two-story living room. The look is still happy, but also elegant and serene:


Green becomes the life of the party in its brighter hues.  Emerald green, with its blue undertones, has been a popular color in home decor over the past year.

Lime green, used here on the upholstery and walls, adds modern punch to any space while keeping the decor fresh and light.


Green shows its softer side in this mint hue.  This tone keeps this traditional space from feeling too dark, creating an inviting room.


Consider the many personalities of green for your next space.  Choosing just the right hue can either bring a feeling of calm or a bright pop to any room.

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  • Ellen March 21, 2012, 5:15 pm

    Fresh! and clean looking….smiles

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