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Make My Chair…Customized

You’ve heard the story of Goldilocks and how she kept trying everything in the three bears’ house, looking for the one that fit “just right.” First it was the porridge, then the chairs, then the bed. The poor girl couldn’t seem to find exactly what she wanted—which happens to a lot of us when we shop for furniture.

More times than I like to admit, I’ve abandoned a shopping trip (for furniture, home decor and even clothing) empty-handed because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I may have found something close, but I’m not one to settle for less.

I guess you could say, I like things a certain way. My way.

Finish & fabric options allow custom chairs

There are a growing number of brands and products that cater to my way of thinking. I enjoy websites like Pandora® that play music I like based on songs I pick. I love my iPhone® and the way I can download only the apps I want. But even more, I love the custom iPhone® cover I created on zazzle.com, a site where you can upload a favorite photo and print it on anything from an apron to a cosmetic case.

When it comes to furniture, it can be hard to find those pieces that fit “just right.” That’s why I love the customizability of Sam Moore chairs. There’s almost no limit to how you can make a chair your own. Not only can you pick the fabric, you can also choose from many cool finishes (painted and stained) ranging from weathered finishes to chic painted finishes in colors like Teal Bistro, Scarlett, Anjou, or the new Cobalt or Petal colors just introduced at the Fall High Point Market.

New petal finish from Sam Moore

The Antigo chair is unforgettable wearing the new Petal finish and a very current chevron-patterned cover in black and white.

With over 200 styles, 500 fabric choices and 28 finishes (plus trim options), there are over 3.5 million ways Sam Moore can help personalize your furniture to create an original. I just love that.

I like everything personalized. I don’t want to see anyone else wearing the outfit I have on. And I definitely don’t want to see the exact same chair I own in the house across the street. Sam Moore makes it easy to create a custom chair that will last for generations. The frames are all-wood and its finishes take 8-10 steps on average. You can learn more about this unique, hand-crafted approach here. This craftsmanship results in a piece of art unique to your home.

If you’re old enough to remember the Laverne & Shirley show of the 1970s (or have seen its reruns), you’ll remember that Laverne always wore a large cursive “L” on her sweaters. I remember thinking that was kind of silly—but now I understand (and share) her desire to express her individuality.

Here’s a look at the Sam Moore chair display at the High Point Market this fall. It’s a one-stop shop for customization.

Sam Moore assortment of artistic chairs

Unexpected pairings of fabric and finish create one-of-a-kind looks such as in these two new Sam Moore chairs shown in an Anjou finish (left) and an Apple finish (right).

Anjou, Apple finishes add color

I love the way the chair on the left is finished in vibrant Anjou and paired with a more conservative blue pinstripe fabric. A peppy Missoni stripe pillow balances the yin and yang of modern and traditional.

Green and white have never looked fresher than with the combination in the chair on the right featuring white fabric and a green finish, punctuated by an analogous striped kidney pillow.

Here’s more fun with Sam Moore’s new Cadence chair, a classic with a twist. The cobalt finish is a trend-forward cross between navy and cobalt, and it is punctuated by a zebra-inspired print in a deep blue.

Cadence chair features new cobalt finish

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  • Calgary dentist October 27, 2012, 12:04 am

    I’m planning on redoing the reception of our dental office. What would you suggest to make the office look cozy & stylish but still professional looking. I would really like to incorporate some of your chairs.



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