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Create an inviting guest room

A well-designed, comfortable guest room, with a nice bedroom set, conveys a sense of warmth and welcome like nothing else can. These under-used rooms are often neglected, but creating a guest room that is both functional and beautiful will be well worth the effort when it helps provide a memorable visit for you and your closest family and friends.

A guest room is so much more than a bedroom for an out-of-town visitor. This room represents a sitting room, quiet space, television viewing area, dressing room, snack bar, and so many other things to your guests. Create a space for each of these functions, and your company will feel right at home.

Open, airy beds ideal for guest rooms

The bed becomes the focal point of any guest room. A bed like Hooker Furniture’s Marquette fretwork bed creates a dramatic statement yet, its open, airy look will not overpower even the smallest guest room.

Instead of using a matched set of bedside tables, consider using two different tables to create interest in the room.  The leg nightstand from the Marquette collection could be paired with the Kenmar pedestal table, for example.  Mismatched – but coordinated – furniture makes a room feel as though it has been collected over time.

Marquette leg nightstand

Kenmar pedestal table

Think very carefully about the bedding that you choose, and pick high-quality sheets made from a natural fiber for the comfort of all your guests. Cover the bed with a fluffy down comforter. Down breathes, making it appropriate for use in the warm summer months, as well as in the winter. Avoid wool blankets, as some people have sensitivities to wool. Offer several different types of bed pillows, from the very soft to ultra-firm, ensuring your guests will find just the right fit for their stay.  Complete the bedding ensemble with a few well-placed throw pillows for extra comfort (and a luxurious look), and add a bed skirt to conceal any under-the-bed storage.

When considering the colors and patterns for your guest room, try to keep colors and fabrics gender-neutral for the comfort of all your guests.  Restful blue or green hues are always a good choice, and geometric patterns, stripes or leafy prints make great bedding and upholstery fabric options.

If your guest room has enough space, a sitting area is a wonderful addition for your visitors. A small lounge chair and ottoman like the Calvin chair by Sam Moore, creates an inviting place for reading or watching a little television.

Calvin chair & ottoman

Of course, the ultimate in inviting luxury is a chaise lounge like the Cosette chaise from Sam Moore. Just be ready for your guests to stay an extra night!

Cosette chaise from Sam Moore

Place a small stand near the chair – perhaps the Flowered drum table – and top it with a good reading lamp and a coaster for that evening cup of tea.

Flowered drum table

Visitors who will be staying for more than just a day or two will like the option of unpacking their suitcases. Clear out a portion of the closet in the guest room, and stock it with an assortment of hangers. A low dresser offers a place to rest their suitcases, as well as a place to stash their clothing.  While you could use the Marquette dresser, the 4-Drawer Sheridan chest with silver leaf would make also a lovely option.

Sheridan silver leaf chest

Use the dresser top to leave a little snack basket, and include some fresh fruit, bottled water, granola bars or chocolates, so guests can grab a bite to eat without having to venture to the kitchen. Be sure to leave a small alarm clock for the use of your visitors. Instructions on how to adjust the heat in the guest room, as well as brochures for local attractions, are also welcome additions.

Although the guest room in your home may not be large or elaborate, a few simple ideas and additions to the space will produce a room in which anyone would love to linger as a home away from home.

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