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Mix it Up and Bring Fun to Holiday Decorating


Break out of your holiday decorating routine with a bold color palette such as this one featuring hot pink and aqua. Photo: bhg.com


 When did holiday decorating become such a chore?

It seems like every year, as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared, it’s time to pull out the boxes of Christmas decorations—and not without more than a little grumbling and complaining. Sure, it’s hard work to unpack and hang our favorite garlands and ornaments—but it’s always worth it.

The challenge is, how to stay inspired?

This year, why not break with tradition and try mixing things up a bit?


Just adding a wreath to a mirror in the bedroom or hallway or using a bench as a perch for gifts can give an ordinary space a holiday feeling. Photo: Kip Dawkins, traditionalhome.com

Start by refreshing your decorations and looking at your home from a new perspective. Place decorations in rooms you’ve never decorated. Add colors you don’t normally choose. And enjoy how delightful decorating can be when you break out of the norm.

Here’s a round up of our favorite looks and ideas:

Embellish unexpected places

You’ve probably got your front door, fireplace mantle and living room decorating plan memorized by now. Why not liven up some new spaces? Hang a holiday garland in the kitchen, add a small wreath to a bathroom mirror, stack gifts on a bench or put a Christmas tree in your office.


Adding a wreath to a mirror like this Fretwork Mirror can add a festive feel to a hallway or bedroom. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Stack wrapped gifts on a bed bench like this Treviso bed bench to give a guest or master bedroom a holiday lift. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Adding holiday touches to new areas of your home will make you smile every time you walk into the room. Photo: bhg.com

Embrace New Colors and Patterns

While red and green will always be the go-to colors of Christmas, there are plenty of new color combinations waiting to be explored. Also look to fun patterns and prints to help you add holiday style.


Fresh and spunky, this garland’s bold color scheme sets it apart. Photo: bhg.com


Adding colorful holiday garlands to the back of dining chairs like this Niche Desert dining chair can be an unexpected delight for guests. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

As with all decorating, design is in the details. This holiday season, welcome your guests with the smallest touches that make your home memorable.


For a fresh look on your mantle, fill glass jars and vases with brightly wrapped candies or small glass ornaments. Photo: bhg.com


Capture the spirit of the holiday season with a handwritten message displayed for family and friends to see. Photo: bhg.com


A chest like this is a perfect spot for a written holiday message, along with other festive and inviting décor. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Written, heartfelt messages can be displayed alongside other Christmas décor on a piece like the French Two-Door Chest above.


Combine plaid with plaid to make a big statement that is both bold and timeless. Photo: John Merkl, traditionalhome.com’


Decorating a classic bookcase like the Willow Bend bookcase, especially with traditional holiday décor like plaid, can bring a rich layered look to your holiday home. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Add Tiny Touches


Adding a simple bow to this serving piece dresses it up and catches the eye. Photo: John Merkl, traditionalhome.com

Traditions are an important part of the holidays, but it’s equally important to keep seasonal décor fresh and interesting. Share your favorite holiday decorating tips with us, we’d love to hear them!

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