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Staycation Style


Wanderlust style comes home.

As the hassles and headaches of travel continue to grow, stay-at-home vacations, or “staycations,” are in the spotlight as a great way to take a break from the rat race without losing your mind or your luggage. Ready to give a staycation a try? Here are three ways to create a relaxed and stylish vacation vibe in your home that’ll last long after your holiday break. 


Although brand new and modern inside, the Amazon Discovery cruise ship has an exterior with retro cues. Photo: Steve Cukrov, Architectural Digest.

Yearn to cruise the high seas in the grand style of a by-gone era? Create a vintage steamer ship vibe with the Melange Bondurant Desk.


The Melange 60-inch Bondurant Desk packs a lot into a compact frame. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

A vintage steamer trunk look-alike, the Melange Bondurant Desk has a faux zinc finish with leather and nailhead trim. Inside is a drop-front center drawer for a computer furniture keyboard, plus six utility drawers with wallpapered interiors, a locking file drawer and a top drawer with a drop-in writing insert.


Reframe the view with the Portal Round Mirror. Photo: Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture.

 With the design of her Portal Round Mirror, Cynthia Rowley brings a port hold window (a classic ship design element) full circle in a modern way.


This home is Cotswolds-perfect from its rambling roses and twig fence to the royal wannabe corgi strolling along the stone path. Photo: Laura Moss, Country Living.

Long for leisurely days filled with tea, scones and cozy charm? Create an iconic English cottage vibe with the Annick Recliner from Sam Moore Furniture.

5910 chair_with_dog

A comfy take on a classic, the Annick recliner is part of a new quick-ship program at Sam Moore Furniture.

What makes the Annick Recliner even more appealing is that it is part of the new Sam Moore Furniture Express Quick-Ship Program that includes an assortment of chairs, recliners and sofas that are ready to be shipped to participating retailers immediately upon your order.

Lounge the hours away in the Annick –a comfy take on a classic wing chair often found in English homes. You would never know it is a recliner.


The Willow Bend Dining Table echoes the primitive style of simpler times. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Rustic chic comes home to roost with the Willow Bend Dining Table. It captures the look of the farm-to-table movement in a sophisticated way, especially when paired with luxe leather side chairs, also from the Willow Bend Collection.


Campsites like this turn back the hands of time. Photo: Jacob Hand, Country Living.

Does pitching a vent like when you were a kid have appeal, yet give you pause? Create a retro cool camping vibe with the Grasshopper Chair.


Take a stylish leap with the Grasshopper Chair.

No camp stool (or rock) can compare to the cushy comfort of the Grasshopper Chair, upholstered in a bold floral motif.


A good night’s sleep will arrive sooner in the comfy Windward Raffia bed instead of a sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Aptly named, the Windward Raffia Bed delivers texture in a laid-back, breezy way.

A staycation has much to offer you, especially when filled with style. Best of all? No passport required.

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