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My Secret Superpower: Sanctuary Collection


A beautiful, comfortable bedroom pampers YOU like you pamper everyone else and provides a restful reprieve as the busy holiday season approaches. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The holidays are joyful, but let’s face it: The run-up to them seems to double our endless to-do list. Personally, I find it much easier to stay sweet-tempered and get things done when I can escape now and then without leaving home.

That’s the opportunity given by the serene style of the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture.


At home, I love to indulge my love of blingy accents and graceful curves. When I see something sparkly and beautiful like these Sanctuary nesting tables, I have to admit I get a jolt of energy! Photo: Hooker Furniture

Sanctuary is a pampering, nurturing collection that balances glam touches such as mirrored or metallic accents with calm, natural elements. To me, that’s modern.


The Sanctuary chest combines mirror with a Pearl Essence finish for serene style. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Just in time to furnish your home with serene style as the holidays approach, you can head into to Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers through October 31 for special savings on the Sanctuary Collection.

It’s true: we’re willing to get out there and give it our all, not just during the holidays but throughout every multi-tasking season. All we need is a little sanctuary at home. Well, maybe that, an extra cup of coffee and a great pair of shoes–no cape required!

Here’s a tour of some of the serene furniture pieces that might bring you calm and delight: 


Admit it: Curlicue scrolls and silver leaf finish makes this a fairytale bed you’ve wanted all your life. And the silver leaf is balanced by neutral, woven-textured upholstery that keeps the look cool and sophisticated. Photo: Hooker Furniture


Can a storage console be a piece of art? Clearly, yes. This Sanctuary credenza combines wood in ebony and soft metallic gold finishes with antique mirror surfaces for a look that’s dramatic but organic. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The Sanctuary Mirrored Credenza is a focal point no matter where or how you use it. To extend the look, accessorize with ancient motifs and shapes that are classic and cool. I could see this in the dining room, the front hall, the home office or wherever you have stuff to stash but want the look to be elegant.


Feeding people is a big part of the holidays, but just like your favorite recipes, the dining room can use some refreshing now and then. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

A dining table like the Sanctuary Refectory Table elevates every meal to a special occasion and makes holiday dining even more inviting and memorable.


A beautifully shaped mirror may be the easiest way to bring light and a sense of well-being into a room. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Here’s looking at you. A beautifully-scaled mirror may be the easiest way to bring light and drama to a room. The Sanctuary accent mirror above, and the Sanctuary shaped mirror, below, have architectural interest that is especially distinctive.


This distinctive Sanctuary mirror has a timeless shape evoking Moorish tiles. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The shaped mirror evokes Moorish tiles, and the accent mirror seems inspired by a medieval cathedral floor plan. Both are timeless and romantic, but very fresh. 


Coffee tables need to work hard and look good, whether you have a lot of room or a little. This one has a helpful lower shelf, a feature that adds lots of open (but unobtrusive) storage.

The subtly curved legs of the Sanctuary mirrored coffee table add a graceful note and can help lighten the look of a room that might feel weighted with upholstered seating and wall storage. The antiqued mirror tabletop is a fresh and glamorous surprise.


A comfortable chair doesn’t have to be chunky-looking. This generously-scaled chair has a lighter look, thanks to simple saber legs and a modernized wing back that seems almost sculptural. A ribbon of silvery nailheads trace the graceful shape for a subtle bit of gleam.

 In the bedroom, living room or anywhere, the Paris Accent Chair is a welcome addition.

So as the holidays approach, find rest and refreshment at home. Head into to Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers through October 31 for special savings on the Sanctuary Collection.


Sometimes, you just feel better with everyone cuddled up nearby while you escape into a movie. A home theater group like this is eye-catching even when the TV is off, thanks to lighted display shelves for your favorite photos and personal treasures.

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  • kate November 2, 2016, 5:23 pm

    Like this elegant collection. I just furnished my apartment with Furnishr, they didn’t have Sanctuary style, but their designs were great! Check them out: http://www.furnishr.com/

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