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“Live an Exceptional Life” Blog Ranks 5th Among World’s Top 50 Furniture Blogs

The passionate belief that an exceptional life begins at home is at the heart of the “Live an Exceptional Life” Blog. Photo: Hooker Furniture Archivist Collection

Helping you make connections between furnishings and decor and the life you want to create for your family at home — that’s always been the mission of theLive an Exceptional Life” Blog by Hooker Furniture.

With a passionate belief that exceptional living begins at home, we’ve written here since 2010 about the latest home design and color trends, and given you ideas about how to make your home more inviting, functional, comfortable and beautiful.

We’re gratified to share with you an important affirmation of the Live an Exceptional Life Blog, which was just ranked 5th on the list of “The World’s Top 50 Furniture Blogs” by Feedspot.

“The guiding principle of thHooker Furniture blog is to help you set a tone for gracious living in the space you create at home,” said Kim D. Shaver, editorial director of the blog. “The blog gives a voice to our brand and provides engaging ideas and inspirations for shoppers and furniture retailers. It’s rewarding to see the blog affirmed by a top online editorial authority like Feedspot.”

Melange is a one of a kind collection of artistic pieces meant to inspire you and fuel a renaissance in your home. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Live an Exceptional Life earned the top blog distinction from Feedspot based on its robust Google search ranking, social media popularity and “quality and consistency of editorial content” according to Feedspot’s editorial review, the company said.

The Hill Country Collection is inspired by the American countryside and imparts an authentic American character. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Skyline embodies high-style drama that captures the big-city excitement and energy of Manhattan, LA and Chicago. Photo: Hooker Furniture

It’s been a privilege to meet you here in this online space with the desire to help you make home a happier, more beautiful place.

The spirit of the American West inspires the rustic yet refined Vintage West Collection. The striking masculine collection features a dark charcoal finish with silver accents and decorative nail head trim and celebrates the courageous frontier spirit. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Thank you for listening and for all your feedback over the years. It’s our desire to speak to what matters most to you.

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The Hill Country Collection is inspired by the American countryside and imparts an authentic American character. Photo: Hooker Furniture

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