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Create Your Dream Space with Art + Furniture

Bold yet detailed, this modern landscape is the perfect pairing for our Roslyn County Deconstructed Upholstered Bed, part of the American Life Collection.

 Create Your Dream Space: An Illustrated Guide to Artful Pairings

When it comes to choosing art, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to know where to start, and there’s always the fear of making a mistake. The simple truth is: If you choose art that you love, then it will work. Whether you hang a canvas, framed print, or a grouping, artwork gives you the opportunity to personalize your space.

No matter what your design taste, there’s art to fit your style. Here are nine fabulous pairings of art and furniture you can use to inspire your own home:

Inspired by the most beautiful examples of American countryside, our Hill Country Collection offers authentic American character. An impressionistic seaside landscape is an ideal mate to the La Coste Wine Cellaret.

Ideal for a home office, the koi fish watercolor conveys energy and movement and is sure to impart inspiration when you need it most.

Pair watercolor art with an artistic piece like the Transcend Writing Deskcrafted of solid Acacia wood in a transparent light cinnamon finish,with a rustic modern vibe.

Artwork is most striking when it attracts our eye and engages our senses. This streamlined sunset painting mirrors the clean lines and straightforward appeal of our Urban Elevation Upholstered Shelter Befrom the American Life Collection.

The soft light and organic shapes in this pair of canvases featuring Japanese water lilies balances the architectural simplicity of our Melange Vega Accent Chest.


To create a bedroom that feels soothing and restful, choose art that calms as well. This classic painting, “The Sisters,” was painted by Mary Cassatt in 1885, and complements our timeless Sunset Point Fretwork Panel Bed.

This framed print of Central Park is crisp and uncluttered–just like our Curata Wine Server. Its gold frame accentuates both the artwork and the bar’s metallic finish.

For animal lovers, these artful canine portraits are just the thing to soften the look of a leather recliner like our Esme loveseat.

This modern oil painting is the ultimate mate for our Lanier Hall Console. Together they convey the feeling of polished sophistication.

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