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Vintage Sam Moore Chair Finds Its Way Home

Sarah stands with her vintage Sam Moore chair, along with a gallery of new Sam Moore chairs at Belfort Furniture in Virginia.

This is the story of how a chair became a family treasure, then found its way home while inspiring new friendships along the way.

The classic chair with a fan-shaped back was part of Sarah’s family’s life for 60 years.

This vintage Sam Moore Furniture chair is believed to date to the early 1950s.

It first belonged to her Great Uncle Walter in Connecticut. After his death, the chair “traveled around,” to her mother’s home, and more recently resided in her own sewing room.

One day, curious about the chair’s origins, she turned it upside down and found something intriguing: A deck label with signatures of every craftsperson who had helped build the chair, along with the name, “Sam Moore Furniture Original and Custom Made,” of Bedford, Va.


Finding the set of original craftsmen’s signatures on my uncle’s chair started my journey to Sam Moore,” said Sarah, who lives in Fauquier County, Va. “Once I read and viewed the Sam Moore story on the website, and saw that they were still proudly making their furniture in America, I decided to reach out.” Sarah said she was impressed at Sam Moore’s history of entrepreneurship, custom craftsmanship and citizenship.

When she reached out to the company, she connected with Phil Garrett at Sam Moore’s parent company, Hooker Furniture, along with Sam Moore’s Virginia sales rep David Moldenhauer, and even executive Matt Huber of Belfort Furniture, which is located near Sarah’s home. They all met up at Belfort, where Sarah brought the vintage chair and was able to admire a display of new Sam Moore chairs as well.

Left to right: Matt Huber, Belfort Furniture; Sara Fowler; Phil Garrett, Hooker Furniture and David Moldenhauer, Sam Moore.

 Everyone was fascinated by the chair, which Sam Moore believes dates to the early 50s. “The upholstery is quite worn in places, and general wear and tear and dirt have taken their toll over the decades,” Sara said, ‘but I have always loved its shape and design, and the chair is still quite comfortable.”

Sarah decided to present the chair as a gift to Sam Moore, so they could display it at the Bedford, Va. headquarters and the High Point, N.C. showroom at High Point Market.

Belfort and Sam Moore joined forces to offer Sarah the opportunity to pick out a chair silhouette and fabric, and recently completed producing a new chair for her that was just delivered to her home by Belfort. “The new chair will be a stylish and comfortable addition to our family room, as we not only enjoy its workmanship, but also appreciate Sam Moore’s individual craftsmen and craftswomen, past and present,” Sarah said.

Sarah enjoys her custom-made new Sam Moore chair, just delivered to her living room by Belfort Furniture.

She added that the entire experience has been quite meaningful. “Meeting with Phil and David at Belfort was more moving than I ever imagined,” she said. “I’m happy to have made a connection to a Virgina company that takes such pride in its manufacturing history.

Then and now: the Sam Moore vintage chair, and Sarah’s brand new, custom-made chair made in Bedford, Va.

“Friends and family are certain to comment on this lovely chair, and I will say, “Have a seat and let me tell you a story.”


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  • Janice Choiniere September 27, 2017, 6:51 pm

    Wonderful story! My parents were married in the 1940’s and also had a beautiful wing Chair they passed down to me. It’s been recovered 2-3 times, but is as sturdy as always.

    • Kim D. Shaver September 28, 2017, 10:13 am

      Janice, thank you for sharing your own story about how your furniture piece became a family treasure. Furnishings certainly have a way of weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives in a special way.

  • Cindy September 28, 2017, 11:39 am

    I love stories about furniture and items of clothing and their life journey
    It’s a marvelous world filled with those objects that we treasure and then discard overtime or pass long to family. I had my grandfathers wing back white leather chair and just had covered it’s a great piece of furniture
    And the history and memories stay with it!
    Love this story

    • Kim D. Shaver September 28, 2017, 3:59 pm

      Cindy, We are so glad you enjoyed the story of the Sam Moore Vintage chair. Thanks for letting us know, and for sharing your own furniture treasure story!

  • Debbie Pitts October 16, 2017, 9:27 pm

    We just had the opportunity to purchase a very similar gold fan-back chair!! Did not realize it was a Sam Moore chair until we brought it home and turned it over. Our tag says it was built in Greenville, TN by Sam Moore Chairs, Inc. The tag has three dates on it, saying it was made in compliance and approved in 1923, 1926 and finally 1948.We are searching for a second one! If anyone knows of another, I would love to talk to them about it!!! Thank you.

  • Tony Neader June 21, 2019, 9:47 pm

    I recently found a three piece, French provincial, set. It contains a sofa, chaise lounge, and a chair. They are in excellent condition and I absolutely love the pieces. I believe they were made sometime in the 60’s or 70’s. I’m so impressed that the company who produced these pieces are still made in the states.

    • Kim D. Shaver June 22, 2019, 1:52 pm

      Thank you for letting us know about this Tony. And yes, it is a great feeling to know that Sam Moore maintains its heritage of American workers to this day, beginning in the 1940s. What a legacy!

  • Bee Capper November 20, 2020, 5:53 pm

    I recently sat in a perfectly marvelous Sam Moore rocker! The seat and back are fabric covered. The arms and rocking legs are wood. My friend bought it second hand so no idea its age. Are they still being made? Where can I find them?

    • Kim D. Shaver November 23, 2020, 10:46 am

      Hello Bee and that is great to hear. Absolutely, Sam Moore is still being made. You can see the entire line and find nearby retailers at http://www.sammoore.com.

  • Sarah May 9, 2021, 8:47 am

    I have the same chair but a different fabric

    • Kim D. Shaver May 11, 2021, 3:16 pm

      Wow, Sarah, that’s remarkable! Thank you for sharing and hope you enjoy your Sam Moore vintage chair.

  • Jackqulin Lawrence May 15, 2022, 8:47 pm

    Hello my name is Jackqulin I have this chair and I was curious about it and wondering if you need me information on it If you’d like I can send you a picture.

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