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Thanksgiving Homecoming Stories – A Place at the Table

Seating all the guests around the dining room table is one of the real challenges of Thanksgiving. Whether the guests are family or friends, you’ll want to make each feel special. Here are some suggestions that mingle younger children with older ones and adults–to help make Thanksgiving the holiday we all love so much. 

Let’s face it–some of our “beloved foods” are not what kids are accustomed to. Moms and grandmothers know an extra dish or two of something like macaroni and cheese might delight the little ones. 

If a kids’ table works for your family, and it is a tradition, that’s great. However, some kids–especially at smaller gatherings–really want to be with the big people. Here’s where your bar stools or kitchen counter stools come in handy for youngsters who don’t need high chairs. 

If there’s to be a series of tables, why not consider having a mix of ages at each table, with your immediate family or close friends “hosting” a table. Place cards make seating easy. While the turkey is in the oven, get older kids involved in creating the cards. Maybe have a special little gift for the youngest and oldest at each table–or a recognition of who has come the farthest. Under each plate, have some conversation starters–memories or pictures from past holidays? All are great icebreakers.

Fussy kids? There are bound to be one or two! Nearby books or games can capture imaginations while the adults are asking for second helpings. You can designate this space in any number of ways–with an older child or young adult keeping an eye on the littlest. 

At coffee and dessert time, grownups can adjourn to the living or family room while the kids play outside or take a walk–always with good supervision! Thanksgiving is family time, and having children in the midst–making memories as fast as corn pops–is a wonderful feeling despite the spilled milk! Home is always where the heart is–follow yours to a memorable Thanksgiving.

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