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Thanksgiving Homecoming Stories – Welcoming Your College Student

As the day before Thanksgiving arrives in households all over the country, so will millions of college students back home for a few days, bringing with them a basket full of laundry, a readiness for some TLC and deeper connections than text and email can afford.

What could say “we love having you home for the holiday” more than a fresh look for their bedroom or bath?  The trick is to blend the familiar with the future. New sheets and towels are a great place to begin. Another small but meaningful touch may be a bigger nightstand, bedside table or bedroom furniture to hold books, electronics, and a better reading lamp. Or, you could give the bathroom a fresh, inviting look with a functional and stylish designer sink cabinet.

Some personal touches would speak volumes–like finally framing that piece of artwork you found together at a flea market. Or better yet, hanging a photograph taken on that ski trip last winter. Tuck into a dresser drawer things you know are special favorites–or even necessities left unpacked in the rush to get home.

Of course nothing says “home” more than a place at the dining room table.  New placemats, coffee mugs or a fresh centerpiece will always be reminders of this Thanksgiving. For the big meal with all the family favorites, you might invite a suggestion for a new dish, or the beginning of a new tradition, from the “home from school” member of the family.

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  • Brian November 18, 2010, 12:30 am

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  • Kay Marline December 1, 2010, 2:28 pm

    I love to set out the stuffed toys the kids loved when younger, but with a festive red ribbon for the holidays. At table, we always have a round of Family Trivia…who can remember which cat wound up on the roof? Who recalls Granddaddy’s famous breakfast treat? Reminders of home like this make the holidays even more fun and personal!


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