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What’s Your Nesting Style?

A cozy bed and comfy pajamas that reflect your nesting style are restorative.

And since Ground Hog Day prophecies indicated six more weeks of winter, now’s a perfect time to turn your bed into a therapeutic retreat.

The Nest Theory Collection of upholstered beds is designed to create the perfect environment for resting your body and spirit. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The Heron Upholstered Shelter Bed is a restorative haven from your harsh routine. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Cozy Bed + Comfy Pajamas = Relaxation

 Rest and relaxation aren’t as elusive as you might think. The most challenging part is making the time and capturing a few quiet moments for yourself. From there, the recipe is simple: start with a stylish bed, add a supportive, quality mattress, layer on soft sheets and linens, and get in your comfiest PJs. Then read, watch or sleep your way to relaxation.

The True Vintage Canopy Bed is a bold expression of the feminine heart and home inspired by vintage artifacts and classical motifs. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Not sure where to start when looking for a new bed? Consider the comfort and appeal of an upholstered bed. Hooker Furniture’s Nest Theory Beds are available in styles from traditional to modern, and they can be customized to create a look distinctly your own. You can select elements such as the fabric, tufting, welt, foot, finish and size and color of the nailhead trim.

Part of the Nest Theory Collection, Jay is shown here in an indigo tufted upholstery treatment with pewter nailhead trim and a Chestnut tapered foot. Photo: Hooker Furnture

The time is perfect to create your custom bedroom retreat: all bedroom furniture and leather recliners are on sale now at participating retailers through February 22, 2017. Find a participating retailer near you here. 

Pajama Pairings

To help you create your custom retreat and find your nesting style, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite upholstered beds and paired them with coordinating pajama styles. Just pick the PJs you’d be most likely to wear and find a bed with a similar vibe.

Part of the Nest Theory Collection, Finch is available in 20 in-stock fabrics, 40 custom fabric choices, four leg finishes and a variety of nailhead options. Photos: Bed: Hooker Furniture, Pajamas: Cosabella.com

If your sense of style is sophisticated yet timeless, you’ll love the classic look of Finch. It has a tailored silhouette and a headboard outlined with decorative nailhead trim, and is shown above in a soft blue cover and a chalk finish on its tapered legs.

Jay is shown here in an indigo button-tufted upholstery treatment with pewter nailhead trim and a tapered foot finished in Chestnut. Bed: Hooker Furniture; Pajamas: journelle.com.

For those whose fashion sense extends all the way to their sleepwear, you’ll love Jay. It’s a chic look that commands attention and makes a statement in any bedroom.

The Heron is shown here in a soft white fabric, block feet with the expresso finish and nailhead trim that accentuates its stunning curves. Furniture: Hooker Furniture; Pajamas: Garnethill.com

Fresh and feminine, the Heron upholstered shelter bed is dramatically alluring. This style provides a neutral canvas that makes it easy to update and refresh the look of a bedroom over time– using bed linens, accents and accessories, without having to replace the bed.

Martin is shown here in a soft gray fabric, yet its cover and finishes can be customized to coordinate with existing furnishings or personalized with your dream colors and materials to inspire an entire bedroom makeover. Bed: Hooker Furniture; Pajamas: bodenusa.com

Smart, streamlined and full of characterMartin is like no other bed. Its bold presence sets the tone for a bedroom that’s big on both charm and comfort.

The Willow Bed features a softly shaped headboard highlighted by contrasting welt trim on both the head board and footboard. Bed: Hooker Furniture; Pajamas: jcrew.com

Traditional yet updated, the Willow anchors a bedroom with elegance. It’s classic silhouette provides a stunning backdrop for today’s latest top of bed looks. Its overall aesthetic is modernized with block feet, featuring an espresso finish.  

Nest Theory

As finding a respite from work and technology has become increasingly important, so has  bedroom designThe master bedroom is more than just another room in the modern home–today it also functions as a retreat from demanding lifestyles.

Nest Theory is founded on the belief that a great night’s sleep requires more than just a great mattress,” explains Ray Harm, senior vice president-sales for Hooker. “We believe that creating the right environment for that mattress is equally important. Nest Theory was designed to create the perfect space for resting both body and soul.”

Remember, now’s the perfect time to create your custom bedroom retreat: all bedroom furniture and leather recliners are on sale now at participating retailers through February 22, 2017. Find a participating retailer near you here. 

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